Coil cleaner


STARKLEEN PK 1000 is a highly concentrated acidic air conditioner coil cleaner. It effectively cleanS and brightens the coils. It is a blend of surface-active agents, solvents and cleaners, formulated specifically for cleaning of multi-row, finned coils in large or small air conditioner units. Cleaning agents foam out dirt and grime from the most inaccessible spots and the same can be easily washed away with water leaving a clean and brighter coil. It enhances the efficiency of air conditioning system and reduces the operating cost.



Oil & grease cleaner



STARKLEEN GP is a general purpose Cleaner cum Degreaser. It is a high quality alkaline cleaner cum degreaser ideal for tough cleaning tasks. It is water based , biodegradable specially formulated product with a blend of detergents , non-caustic alkalis and additives which permits rapid penetration, dispersion and emulsification of oil and grease deposits leaving the surface clean. Finds uses in areas like Garage floors, Traffic lanes, Rigs & Off shore platforms, Bus floors, Heavy trucks, soiled tanks, Kitchens, Tools, Bulk heads, Oil and greasy equipments, Oil and greasy shop floors, Engine equipments etc.





STARKLEEN DS is a Descalant, specially designed for quick removal of scale deposits formed in AHU, FCU, Chiller, Geyser, Boiler, Condenser etc. The amount of chemical required for the operation depends on the type of system, amount of scale and its condition.  The product contains no solvents.


Solvent degreaser & cleaner


STARKLEEN DG is a solvent degreaser and general purpose cleaner.  It is a solvent based specially formulated product ideal for removing grease / oils / grime.


Rust remover

STARKLEEN RR is a rust remover.


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